Baby proofing your house for their next adventure

As your Big Kid explores the world from a brand new perspective, every little adventure is filled with excitement. Baby proofing your house can be a part of the adventure too and will ultimately help you relax and enjoy their development.

When should I baby proof the house?

When you should start baby proofing

You may have already started baby proofing your house. From the moment they crawl or shuffle, it’s best to put anything potentially harmful out of their reach. Stay on your guard - the more mobile your Big Kid becomes, the more they can surprise you!

What baby proofing is necessary

The most necessary form of baby proofing is YOU - your care and supervision. If you can see a hazard, you can help prevent it. 

As for when you can stop baby proofing, it depends on the child. Removing baby gates for instance, generally occurs between two  and three years old, but it’s important to make your own judgement based on your understanding of their development and abilities.  

Find out more about your baby’s development skills by reading our advice on when do babies start cruising? and when to expect your baby’s first steps.

How to baby proof your house

If your Big Kid is wearing Pull-ups® Explorers, they’ll be free to really move. Use the following checklist to baby proof your house and help keep them out of harm’s way.

  • Ensure all sharp, breakable, heavy, toxic (or otherwise harmful) objects are locked up or out of reach. For added security, put locks or latches on drawers and cupboards where these objects are placed.
  • If you have a fire, use a fireguard and keep all fuel, matches etc out of reach.
  • Prevent accidents by turning pan handles inwards and never hold your baby while you’re cooking at the stove.
  • Use baby safety gates to keep your Big Kid from wandering where you don’t want them to. Also, fit locks or bolts on internal doors at a height only grown-ups can reach.
  • Ensure cables are out of reach. Keep them behind furniture or use cable clips to prevent Big Kids tugging at them.
  • Get a rubbish bin with a childproof lid - bins can be fascinating for a Big Kid!
  • Cover your radiators and floor heaters. Alternatively, block access to them.
  • Fit latches to your appliances. Keep your Big Kid out of the fridge, freezer and oven.
  • Keep small appliances (iron, hair straighteners etc) out of reach and unplug them when you’ve finished with them.
  • Don’t use tablecloths. They’re too easy for a Big Kid to grab and pull down.
  • Mark sliding doors and other large panes of glass. Prevent bumps by placing colourful stickers at your Big Kid’s eye level.
  • Fit window locks. They keep bad guys out and Big Kids in.
  • Make ponds or swimming pools safe. Be sure they are safely covered and/or fenced off and never leave your Big Kid unattended near water.
  • Make sure tall furniture is firmly fixed to the wall. When your Big Kid’s cruising, furniture can be toppled easily. Keep tall lamps out of reach too.

Baby proof… and chill

Baby proofing might seem a lot of work but if you approach it the right way, it can be an exciting part of the Big Kid journey. 

Remember, the goal is to ensure you have peace of mind. Knowing your Big Kid can explore and learn in a safe environment will help you relax and enjoy this amazing time of your lives. 

Encourage them to explore with Pull-ups® Explorers, which are designed to help Big Kids explore, learn and develop from nine months onwards.