What is baby cruising?

The term ‘Baby cruising’ is used to describe the stage between crawling or ‘bottom shuffling’ and walking independently.

When your baby starts to explore their environment by cruising along furniture, their Big Kid journey has well and truly begun. And if you thought becoming a parent was an exciting time, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Baby cruising - what to look out for

Some babies crawl long before they cruise, but not all do. Your little one will reach this milestone in their own time and you can help them prepare.

Try encouraging them to walk by supporting them with your hands under their arms and giving them a gentle bounce. You may find they enjoy this feeling so much they try to stay upright by straightening their legs, or even resist being put back down.

Going from sitting to standing for the first time is a massive achievement. After reaching this important milestone, your baby may call for help because they don’t know how to get back down. You can help them learn by pushing them gently back onto their bottom. Once they’ve figured this out, there’ll be no stopping them!

Your baby will soon start exploring - shuffling along using furniture for support. As their confidence grows, you’ll find you need to be more alert, keeping hot drinks and other potentially harmful objects out of reach. There will be the occasional slip or bump (and probably a few tears) along the way. It’s all a part of the learning process -  the journey to becoming a Big Kid!

If your baby has their feet at an angle when they first start cruising, it’s quite normal. This can happen while the muscles in their legs are developing. However, if this continues or you have worries about it, ask your GP for advice.

Cruising is just the beginning of the Big Kid adventure and you’ll soon be amazed at how mobile and active they can be. Pull-Ups® Explorers are designed to help your Big Kid cruise and explore to their heart’s content. They flex and protect both day and night, helping Big Kids explore, learn and develop from nine months onwards. 

The cruise of a lifetime

It’s fair to say once your baby starts cruising, they’ll keep you on your toes! Remember, this is a magical time - as babies step up to  become Big Kids you’ll see their characters taking shape before your eyes. To help them on their journey, they’ll need the proper kit, including Huggies® Explorers.